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my illogical bookmarks filing system might be a leftover from my early slash reading days

when i did not have my own computer, and therefore did not dare to bookmark the slash fics

instead i left little notes next to the computer were i had written strangely coded messages to myself, full of numbers, symbols, and half written pennames designed to make me remember the name of the fics. 

why i did just not write up the name and writer of slash fics on a paper and brought it into my room and put it into a drawer, remains one of the bigger mysteries of my teenage years. ack 13 year old me

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my way of bookmarking fics is btw pedantic but at the same time illogical because at some time i just decided a name for the different kind off bookmarks, and why stop now when i been using them for years u know

for example i have a categorie called “unread fics” which are in fact the place for fics i am reading but havent finished reading yet  BUT it is also the place for fics i grow bored of read


the place for fics i want to save tsk

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i should be sleeping. it is midnight and there is work tomorrow

on the other hand whatever

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in my last computer i bookmarked all the fics i read perfectly

and looking through my bookmarks for this computer, i realize that i big part of my fandom activity is missing, and sigh, i wished i still had it

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All light is sacred to the Eldar. Woodland elves love best the light of the stars.
I have walked there sometimes, beyond the forest and into the night.
I have seen the world fall away and the white light of forever fill the air.

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i strongly suspect those people were the opera students, that has their school next to my parents house

ecpcielly has they were also followed by some people speaking german

and it is 11 at night

and i am in a very very small town were people being outside at night is actuelly remarkable

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english speakers walking by my window wondering if there is any natural disasters in sweden

and they sound so sad that there is no vulcanos

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“I am amazed I have any fans at all! It makes me feel so good to know that I do. It makes me feel really good inside to know that there are some people out there who seem to understand me in some ways even though they don’t know me in the flesh.”

Liv Tyler

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