Noomi Rapace by Olaf Blecker for The New York Times Magazine (2012)

"We didn’t know till the day of the shoot, however, that she [Noomi] has the lung capacity of a mermaid. She was able to stay submerged for what seemed like minutes at a time, and she managed to hold her breath in such a way that her face didn’t become distorted; her eyes were open, but did not bulge; her lips were slightly parted, but expelled no bubbles. She smiled, she laughed, she looked angry, contemplative, melancholy. Frankly, it was downright eerie." -New York Times Magazine

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In about two weeks i will be back home la la ~

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Watch!: And when you started out, there were almost no Asian-Americans on TV. Now you’re Watson. The TV my Asian-American daughter grows up watching will be very different than what I grew up watching.
Lucy: It is significant, and I think we still have a long way to go. It is good that you’ll have to explain to her that when Daddy was a teenager, there wasn’t anybody like her on television. People say I’m a pioneer, but I don’t recognize it because I’m still living it. Maybe on my last breath if they name a street after me in the city, I’ll say, “Wow, I made a difference.” Right now, it doesn’t feel like it. [x]

Lucy Liu in the October 2013 edition of Watch! Magazine

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star trek captain shaming.

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uinen is teaching them how to swim? idk

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dedicated to lena


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Ripped my favorite dress, in all its red dishrag glory

Has spent the last hours trying to mend it, but the result doesnt look that good :/

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Bonsai Wisteria

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