A take on Yavanna that I did in my sketchbook, brushpen and watercolor. It was meant to be Varda when I started it but it turned into Yavanna. The crown is more Varda in my head, BUT that’s fine. I like this. I think I’ll try and do more portraits of the Valar like this. It’s fun. @u@ 

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Seeing that fucking book Jonathan Strange and mr Norell in the background in a youtube video

Yes more people than me has suffered trough that damn book

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nån förelog för mig att pyssla om plantor tillsammans kan motivera en att hjälpa plantan så den typ inte…. dör.

så! känner du för att hjälpa mig gå till den läskiga jordaffären/extra näring  plantaffären och sedan hjälpa mig plantera om denna stackars planta nån dag?

för det verkar inte funka när jag försöker göra detta själv. (aka de sker inte och plantan blir ledsnare och ledsnare för varje dag)

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Moon ripplesallybeag.

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ok rogue

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all my plant’s leaves are pointing downwards DDDDD:

the plant’s continued existence is in jeopardy

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appertnly typing in “I hate the play Fröken Julie” did not result in getting in finding articles expressing feminist rage over the plays existence

i feel very disappointed

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ah late night citing you always works

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and there is now a PAPER \^O^/

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teaatimewiththecomputer replied to your post: “AAAARGH going to facebook was a mistake some annoying dude from my…”:
I SAW THAT YOUR DOT WAS GREEN and I kinda blinked and noped. Technical errors. BUT IT WAS YOU AND NOT a ghost in the wires kinda thing:O:O

dear friend, i will tell you a secret. i am at facebook alot. to my great despair. all my university group works and stuff happens there. i always curse a bit everytime i have to go that WEBSITE though just to show my disgust.

also there is pretty nifty closed queer group conversation thingy at facebook of which i am involved in. today we talked about coconut pancakes. it was great.

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